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Enjoy the smoky flavor of our slow smoked fish. You'll get a bit of crunch with fresh celery and the tang of red pepper. Serve cold. (Spread this dip onto slices of bread with lettuce and tomato for a tasty smoked fish sandwich!)


$12.95 per 1/2 pint

Smoked Fish Dip


This dip is creamy & chunky, made with spicy Chipotle chili peppers, fresh cilantro, black beans, corn, red pepper, and green onion. Our tender small Gulf shrimp round out the flavors and textures. Serve cold with crackers or tortilla chips.


$12.95 per 1/2 pint

Chipotle Shrimp

This dip packs an East Coast punch with Blue Crab meat and coastal spice. Fresh, savory garlic, tangy red pepper, and shredded cheddar cheese finish off this boldly flavored dip. Best served hot.


$12.95 per 1/2 pint

Maryland Crab Dip

Seafood Dips

Maine Lobster Dip

This delightfully simple dip lets the lobster shine! We mix real Maine lobster meat with a bit of butter, garlic, red pepper, and cheddar cheese. Serve hot or cold.


$22.95 per 1/2 pint