Lobster Tails F.A.Q.

How big of a lobster tail should I order?

10-14 oz tails are the most popular for a main course potion. If you have a lot of courses/sides, you may want a smaller tail. If you have a big appetite/little to no side dishes, a larger tail may best suit your needs.

How do I cook my lobster tail?

What about butterflying lobster tails?

If you give us advance notice (and if you'll be cooking your tail within a day or two) we can thaw and butterfly your tails free of charge. Otherwise, you can learn how to butterfly your tails by following the instructions below (all you need is a pair of scissors).

Do you have any other kind of lobster tails?

Our selection/availability of lobster tails changes throughout the year depending on the market. Call us for more information about future availability or if there is a specific kind of tail you are interested in.


With advance notice, we will thaw & butterfly your lobster tails at no extra charge.

$28 - $36 per tail

$42 - $50 per tail$49 - $57 per tail

Western Australians are considered top dog by most in the lobster world. These cold water tails are sweet and tender and highly sought after.

Western Australian Tails

Lobster Tails

small (8-10 oz)

medium (12-14 oz)large (14-16 oz)


Western Australian Lobster Tails

$56.95 per pound


* Availability is not guaranteed and prices are subject to change. Please call for most up-to-date information. *