lobster boil 7

How Does It Work?

If you want ambiance, this is it! We set up our boiling pots and LP burners in your yard/outdoor party space. We cook your lobster (and corn, potatoes, sausage, etc.) right there at your party. Once the lobster are cooked, we score them (i.e. cut through the shell of the claws and tail).


We'll provide each guest with the traditional tools used for whole lobsters: a shell cracker (which you squeeze to break through the claws), a mallet (which you tap to crack through the shell), and a pick (to grab meat from the narrow, hard to reach spots). Some guests might need guidence when it comes to dismantling their lobster and we're happy to teach them.

Deconstructed Lobster Boil

Most people would say that part of the charm of a lobster boil is the effort required to actually take apart the lobster. But not everyone's a purist... enter the "Deconstructed Lobster Boil" for the kind of host who would rather skip the struggle and get straight to the point (and the meat). 

Treat your guests to a whole boiled Maine lobster! This coastal cuisine is rich and indulgent. We score each lobster (cut through the shell) and provide tools, like shell crackers and picks. We can also demonstrate the proper way to eat a lobster and assist in taking them apart. Guests love watching and participating in lobster boils. This is a fun, interactive choice that is sure to be remembered long after the last bite.