Backyard parties, corporate lunches, church picnics, and more! Our family has been providing catering services for over 40 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will catering cost?

At this time we do not have standardized prices for catering. We price each event individually, since we customize to such a great extent. There are many variables that differ case to case (such as distance to travel, prep work and employees needed, market prices, number of guests, serving style, equiptment needed, etc.).

How do I get a price quote / more information?

Give us a call and ask to place a catering request with a manager. Catering events are organized by our catering coordinator (and co-owner), Andy Johnson. Once your request is taken, Andy will contact you within a day or two to gather more information.


Alternatively, you may fill out a catering request online. If, however, you do not hear back from us with in a couple of days, please give us a call (In the past there was a glitch that cause messages to be illegible. We've since fixed this issue but we're still a bit paranoid!).

What kind of events do you cater?

We’re happy to cater any event, big or small. Some events we’ve catered in the past include:

•  birthday parties

•  dinner parties
•  block parties

•  business lunches

•  corporate events

•  church picnics
•  community fundraisers
•  bachelorette / bachelor parties
•  bridal / baby showers
•  graduations
•  tailgate parties

•  weddings

What should I expect from on-site cooking?

On-site cooking is the perfect way to put a memorable stamp on your event. We cook the meal at your event in large pots over burners feuled by LP tanks or over a wood fire (if applicable). Guests can watch the cooking process and chat with us about the history and tradition of the meal.


When you choose on-site cooking, you can expect us to:
       •  set up the buffet line and chaffing dishes
       •  provide seafood tools like crackers, picks, and hammers (if necessary)
       •  provide and set up authentic nautical decor, if desired
       •  help serve and assist your guests

Have more questions?

Other questions can be answered as you work with Andy. He works closely with you to make sure all of your expectations are being met and all of your questions are being answered.

What kind food/meals do you cater?

We can cater anything off of our regular menu (click here to see) as well as some specialty catering items such as:

  • Maine lobster boil
  • Door County fish boil
  • shrimp boil
  • crawfish boil
  • crab leg boil
  • fish / shrimp fry
  • mini po boys
  • mac & cheese
  • and more!
  • Click here to see our Catering Book which outlines our offerings. 
  • fish / shrimp fry
  • Maine lobster boil
  • Door County fish boil
  • shrimp boil
  • crawfish boil
  • Mardi Gras feast
  • crab leg boil
  • oyster bar
  • mini po boys
  • mini lobster rolls
  • mac & cheese (lobster or plain)
  • plus lots of great sides, appetizers, & desserts! 

Take a look at some of our most popular offerings:

Each event is customized.

 We work with you to create a meal that suits your event and do our best to accommodate any budget, guest list, dietary restrictions, etc. For events both big & small, we’re happy to serve you. We are respectful of your budget and work within it to design a meal. Take a look at our F.A.Q.


With tons of options to suit your needs...

We can cater anything off of our regular menu (click here to see) as well as some specialty catering items such as:

If you're looking for a memorable experience, give us a call.

Pick Up

In-store pick up is the most budget-friendly option. We'll prepare & pack your food for you to come and get.


We'll bring the food to you so you can focus on your party.

On-Site Cooking

If you're going for WOW factor, this is it! We set up our boiling pots in your back yard, providing both food and ambiance.